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Thermal insole with lithium battery

Thermal insole with lithium battery

Robust heated slabs cut-out to use for sport, leisure, work or in all cases of cold feet problems also caused by cardiovascular pathologies, scleroderma, para / quadriplegia, etc..
The heated zone is located on the front at the toe, since in that case is that the feet suffer the most, so careful not to damage the part highlighted in photos during the cutting and shaping of the slab prior to insertion into the shoe, boot , boot etc..
The back of the slab is constructed with a special anatomical shape of the foot to improve the housing and the strength thereof.
The cable connecting the lithium polymer battery dil is not too thin (as is commonly found in many commercially available insoles heated cut-out), but thick enough to resist over time.
A handy pocket holder with a special elastic ankle allows a secure anchor leg.

Rechargeable lithium polymer battery with a charge life of about 2.5 hours. To increase the autonomy of use are given 2 sets of batteries.
Bring even more below the batteries 'spare' always charged, so that they can be replaced in case of necessity and not keep my feet cool. In this way you will reach a range of no less than 5 hours of use.
The batteries are rectangular with a width of 4.8 cm, height 7 cm, thickness 1.3 cm, weight 70 g, 3300 mAh capacity and 3.7 v, equipped with ON / OFF switch.
Charger supplied.

ATTENTION: When ordering, select the model slabs suitable for your needs, and that is for use with shoes or ankle boots, or boots or ski boots for.

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Price: 180,00€
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