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Privacy Policy
Welcome to our website (""). Please read our Privacy Policy which applies to both if you visit our web site and decides to simply browse the website and use its services, without purchasing any product and if you log in to, decides to navigate and use his services and buy products.

Please also read, if you have not already done so, the General Conditions of Use of contain important information about privacy and the security systems of the website. is managed and maintained by Antonio Pontenza SAS, with headquarters in Via Ugo Foscolo, 3-71011, Apricena - (Foggia), Italy. Head of data processing is Mr. Anthony Power.

1. Our policy
Anyone is entitled to the protection of personal data concerning him.

Anthony Power sas respects the rights of its customers to be informed with regard to the collection and other processing operations of personal data.

In the processing of data that can directly or indirectly identify you, we try to respect a principle of strict necessity.

For this reason, we configured so that the use of your personal data is kept to a minimum and to exclude the use of your data when the purpose in individual cases can be achieved through the use of data anonymous (such as, for example, in market research to improve services) or through other means, identifying the subject only if necessary or at the request of the authorities and police forces (as, for example, for data traffic and the time you spend in your website or IP address).

The decisions of the aims, methods of processing of your personal information and the tools used including the security profile to compete Anthony Power sas, as owner of the personal data of users

This Privacy Policy will provide any useful information to understand how we collect and use information that identifies users For further information on our Privacy Policy you can contact the following e-mail or ufficio.amministrativo @ Anthony Power sas, at our head office, Via Ugo Foscolo, 3 / A - 71011, Apricena (Foggia ), Italy.

2. Who processes your personal data
Anthony Power sas controller of the personal data of users; decide independently on the purposes and methods of treatment, including the security profile.

3. How we use personal data and for what purpose
Your personal information is collected and processed by Anthony Power sas for purposes strictly related to the website, its services and purchase of products via the website. Your personal information may be used in other processing operations, however, in terms compatible with those purposes.

In particular, your personal data may be processed for the following purposes:

during the process of registering for the website, we collect your personal information (such as, your personal details, user ID and password, email address, gender, favorite designer) through the relevant registration form and treat them services to provide access to restricted areas of, you ask for, and to send the Power sas Antonio Newsletter by e-mail, if specifically requested;
to provide the services we collect your personal information (such as, for example, your user ID and password) and we treat them for purposes necessary to give you all the information about services and assistance for the purchase of products;
during the process of purchasing products on collect your personal information (such as, data, e-mail address, mailing address, credit card and bank details, telephone number) using the form d ' order and treat them for the sale of products of;
in the request for technical assistance services, we collect your personal information and treat them to provide information about problems of navigation, browser compatibility and display of web pages or upload;

Your personal information is processed mainly in electronic format and in certain cases also in hard copy, such as when the processing of your data is necessary to prevent fraud on

Your personal information will be stored in the form that allows you to identify yourself for the time necessary for the purpose for which the data were collected and subsequently processed and, in any case, within the limits of the law. They will be protected so are not lost or wrongly enjoyed by others.

To ensure that your personal information is always accurate and up to date, however, relevant and complete, please notify us of any changes to ufficio.amministrativo @

Your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties for purposes not permitted by law or without your express consent.

Your personal information may be disclosed to third parties only when it is necessary to follow the conclusion of the contract, such as Banca Sella SpA for the performance of electronic payment services at a distance, by credit / debit card, if you decide to buy a product on In addition your information may be disclosed to police or judicial authority, in accordance with law and after a formal request by such entities, for example in anti-fraud services of Your data will also be accessible to the data processors as stated in par. 2 and for the specific purposes referred to in that paragraph. In all these cases, your consent is not required.

Please note that Antonio is Power sas users' personal data only for purposes strictly related to the provision of services, the conclusion of contracts of sale of products and, subject to your consent, inform you about new marketing initiatives closely related to and services of the website.

Anthony Power sas treats your personal information for direct marketing purposes, including electronic mail, only with your consent.

It can happen that you find Anthony Power sas to process personal data of third parties communicated directly by its users to Antonio Power sas, for example if the user has purchased a product to be delivered to a friend or when the subject that corresponds to the price for the purchase of the product is different from the person to whom it is intended, or again, when a user wishes to a friend service or offering for sale of a particular product.

In all these cases of obtaining the consent of the person to whom the information relates before communicating it to Anthony Power sas and to inform him of this Privacy Policy because you'll be the one and only person responsible for communication of information and data to third parties subjects without these have given their consent and their misuse or illegal. Please note that the consent of these persons is not only necessary when the data from this subject are communicated to Power sas Antonio for the conclusion of the contract with Anthony Power sas at your own favor.

4. What happens if she does not give power to your personal Antonio
The disclosure of your personal data to Anthony Power sas and, in particular, personal information, your e-mail address, your mailing address, your credit card and phone number is required with regard to the conclusion of the purchase contractAnthony Power of SAS products or the provision of other services provided on the website of your request or when your information is necessary for the fulfillment of obligations arising by law or regulation.

Refusal to communicate, Anthony Power sas certain your information needed for such purposes may make it impossible for Antonio sas power to execute the contract of purchase of or to provide other services available on AntonioPower sas, such as to provide support services (Contact Customer Service) to send the newsletter Antonio Power sas, to properly fulfill the obligations of law and regulation. The failure to provide information may constitute, as appropriate, and justified by a legitimate reason not to Antonio sas power to execute the contract for the purchase of products or provision of services through.

Communication Power sas di Antonio additional data, other than those essential for the fulfillment of its legal or contractual obligations or to provide certain services on request, however, is optional and has no consequences for the use of Web site and its services or to purchase products on

Depending on the circumstances and, if necessary, from time to time, we will inform you of the duly compulsory or voluntary nature of disclosure of your personal data to Anthony Power sas. Highlight the compulsory or optional nature of the communication of your data, putting a special character (*) of mandatory information that only the data needed to provide the services of and the purchase of products on Please note that non-disclosure of personal data optional for our users will no obligation nor any disadvantage. If any optional data you provide will be used solely for the purpose of statistics.

5. To whom we disclose your personal information
Personal data will be made available to third companies that perform on behalf of Anthony Power sas, specific services, as data processing or disclosed to other recipients of the data collected by Anthony Power sas, which treat only the data independently to execute the contract for the purchase of products (for example, in the case of Banca Sella SpA) and only when that purpose is not inconsistent with the purposes for which your information was collected and subsequently processed and, However, in accordance with the law.

The data will not be shared, sold or otherwise transferred to third parties, unless the users are not informed in advance and, with their consent, when required by law.

6. How we collect your data
As part of use and navigation within it, it may happen that some personal information is collected automatically (through the CD. "Cookies"), as, for example, when collecting the IP address of 'user and other information relating to the website or to stay in the user preferences expressed in the choice of site services and products purchased through the service.

This information and data are collected directly and automatically from the website and as part of its operational functions. This information and data are then processed in anonymous and aggregate form, for commercial purposes and for optimization of services to the needs and preferences of users of the website.

In other cases, Anthony Power sas collects personal information directly from its users and other information as part of the registration process online or sending order forms to purchase products on the website for the conclusion of e-commerce transactions.

7. Security
We have taken security measures so as to minimize the risk of destruction or loss, even accidental, of the data, unauthorized access or treatment not allowed or not in accordance with the purposes of collection as indicated in our Privacy Policy.

However, Anthony Power sas can not guarantee its users that the measures taken for the security of the website and the transmission of data and information on limit or exclude any risk of unauthorized access or loss of data. We recommend that you ensure that your computer is equipped with devices appropriate software to protect data transmitted over the network, both incoming and outgoing (as updated antivirus systems) and that your Internet service provider has taken appropriate measures to security of data transmission network (such as firewalls and spam filters).

8. Opt-in/Opt out
Anthony Power sas uses your personal information only with your consent, freely expressed, for sending advertising materials or direct marketing and other marketing communications, including e-mail, which do not fall in the services they provide to its users at their request (for example, to send the newsletter Antonio Power sas).

Every time that you will need your consent, we will inform you in advance and we will give you the opportunity to give or refuse your consent for the use of your personal information for these purposes, including your email address, clicking on the boxescheck.

We wish to inform that the law provides that your consent is not necessary and that Antonio sas power to process your personal data, insofar as is necessary to fulfill a requirement of the law or when necessary for carrying out its contractual obligations towards its users (such as, for example, in case you have purchased products on that you have requested specific services through our website).

In any case, we wish to inform you that Antonio Power sas provides its users, even when prior approval is not strictly necessary, to exercise, at any time, their right not to receive future communications related to the use of particular services on requestsuch as in the case of Anthony Power sas newsletter.

9. Your right of access to data and other rights
You are entitled to obtain from the confirmation of Anthony Power sas' existence or not of personal data about you, even if not yet recorded and their communication in intelligible form.

She also entitled to obtain from Anthony Power sas information about the source of your personal information, the purpose and procedures of your personal data, the logic applied in case of treatment with the help of electronic means; extremes identity of the owner and responsible for processing and the names of persons or categories of persons to whom the data may be communicated or who can learn about them as, for example, the data controllers. All this information is contained in our Privacy Policy.

You are entitled to obtain from Anthony Power sas:

a) updating, rectification or, if you are interested, the integration of your personal information;
b) cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of your personal information, in violation of the law, including those that do not need to be kept for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed;
c) certification that the operations in letters a) and b) have been notified, also as regards their content, to those to whom the data were communicated or disseminated, unless this requirement impossible or involves a manifestly disproportionate to the protected right.

You will, however, the right to totally or partially:

a) for legitimate reasons the processing of your personal data, pertinent for collection purposes;
b) the processing of personal data about you for purposes of sending advertising materials or direct marketing or for carrying out market surveys or commercial communication.

You freely and at any time exercise your rights, provided that within the limits of the law, including those in art. 7 Legislative Decree 197/03, with a request addressed to Antonio sas power to the email address ufficio.amministrativo @ or other written forms deemed most appropriate at the Power sas Antonio, to which we will give appropriate feedback.

10. Contact
If you wish to receive more information on Anthony Power sas treats your personal information, please send an e-mail to email @ ufficio.amministrativo

11. Applicable law

This Privacy Policy is governed by Italian law and in particular the Code regarding protection of personal data (Legislative Decree No. 196 of June 30, 2003) that governs the processing of personal data - also held overseas - carried out by anyone who is a resident or based in Italy.

The Code ensures that the processing of personal data is processed in respect of the rights and fundamental freedoms, and dignity, with particular reference to confidentiality, personal identity and the right to protection of personal data

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